Gluten Free #thestruggle

Have you ever considered what it would be like to completely cut out a vital ingredient in your favorite foods? Let’s say, for example, that you love Chicken Pot Pie, but you can’t actually include chicken in the meal… Okay, so maybe you can come up with a great substitute, right? Let’s just say, for instance, you try to use turkey as your substitute; however, your mission fails, as turkey is amongst the many things that you simply cannot eat due to health restrictions.
Maybe this example is a bite (I mean bit, cheesy right? Oh wait, that’s food too-dangit), a bit extreme, but what if you were forced to read the ingredients every time you went grocery shopping?! What if you constantly had to spend extra time in the kitchen just to suffice your basic needs- GOOD FOOD! What if you had to consider substitutes for countless-classic dishes that you just wanted to sit down and devour? What if you went out to dinner, but the menu suddenly shrunk from 15 options, to 5? What if you went to a friend’s house for a meal, but had to put in a special request in advance for your plate to even be edible? What if.. You were gluten-free?
I can’t relate personally, but I know it is a growing concern in today’s culture, and also for those who suffer from Celiac disease. The Little Baker came across a few laughable moments we would like to share with our GF fans and customers. We are constantly working to satisfy the needs of every customer, and we proudly offer many gluten-free options that taste equally as delicious as all our other products! Check out what BuzzFeed has to say about the GF struggle here!

P.S. Maybe GF has it’s benefits? Check out this link to see some other tasteful (I did it again) reasons to join the GF lifestyle! To all our awesome followers, please feel free to keep us updated on your thoughts, ideas, and feedback!


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