Happy Halloween… El Día De Los Muertos!

Happy Halloween from The Little Baker! 😉

We hope your holiday is full of sweet treats, funny frights, and many memories!

Halloween has been a huge past time for the United States and profitable for the candy companies! Our holiday is based on El Día de Los Muertos. This day is meant to celebrate your ancestors and life. Their holiday is plentiful with celebrations, family, costumes, libations, and food.

In the U.S. our candy is a substitute for El Día de Los Muertos sweet treats.

On October 31st, people enjoy Pan de Muerto. It’s a sweet, egg-rich bread referred to as the “bread of the dead” and children enjoy sugar skulls. That’s right they’re not just Halloween costumes!

Chocolate and Pumpkin candy are also pivotal in their consumption of alcohol. These ingredients often appear in their cocktails during the holiday.

Their holiday isn’t too different from ours, but they enjoy their sweets differently. This Halloween be brave and try the Pan de Muerto. Find the recipe here!

As the holiday season continues don’t forget to make our sweet treats a part of your day!



Happy Halloween!! Boo!!


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