Must Have Baking Tools For The Stay-At-Home Baker

I know what you’re thinking…I have the basics: measuring spoons, measuring cups, mixing bowls…what more could I need? Well here’s just a few must have baking tools that may save your life in ways you didn’t know it needed to be saved.

1. Silicone Baking Mats

Of all the baking tools on the market this has to be my favorite. Not just for it’s functionality but for it’s ingenuity as well. Silicone baking mats function just like any old parchment paper would; they provide a hassle free non-stick surface for your baking sheets. The upside to silicone baking mats however, is that they’re reusable! From now on your cookies will taste a little bit better knowing they were baked on an eco friendly surface. Say goodbye to paper waste and hello to reusable non stick surfaces!


2. Cookie Scoop

The cookie scoop- a simple yet must have baking tool in the kitchen. Say hello to the perfect cookies! Coat with a little non-stick cooking spray or or butter for a smoother scooping surface.


3. Angled Measuring Cups

You may think your ordinary measuring cups are doing the job, but measuring liquids just got so much easier! With angled measuring cups there’s no need to squat down to eye level anymore. These measuring cups have measuring marks inside the cup so you can see just how much liquid you’re pouring as you’re pouring it. These cups come not only in different cup measurement sizes, but in tablespoon and teaspoon measurement sizes as well.


4. Cooling Racks

Cooling racks in my opinion are one of the most underrated cooking tools out there and it’s function is pretty self explanatory. Cooling racks allow your baked goods to cool faster and more even, since the bottom is exposed to air. It’s simple math really, the faster and more even your baked goods cool, the sooner you can enjoy them making this kitchen tool an obvious must have!


5. Pastry Blender

For those of you out there who prefer baking breads to sweets, you know that in most cases it’s all about the butter. When you’re looking for a flaky crust the key is those cold small lumps of butter in the dough. This can be hard to achieve when working with a mixer if the dough is blended too well. Using your hands also poses a challenge because your body heat will only warm the butter. A pastry blender is the perfect solution; allowing you to cut your butter into the dough while still maintaining those cold little butter lumps essential to your flaky crust.





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