The History of Cupcakes!

Just about every event with friends and family will feature cupcakes. Weddings, anniversary parties, birthday parties, baby showers, gender-reveal parties, bridal showers, work parties, or any other type of celebration will showcase miniature cakes that are beautiful, scrumptious, and arguably addictive.

So who was the genius who is credited for the innovative treat? Amelia Simmons, back in 1796 described the baked good as, “a light cake to bake in small cups.” She wrote the first known cookbook titled, “American Cookery,” and now there are only four copies of the original book in existence.

The name is derived from little cakes that were baked in pottery cups (or “teacup” size). There was also the term “cup cake” that described a cake measured by a standardized cup rather than a cake that weighed its ingredients. Pound cakes are a great example of the original “weighted cake,” because bakers would literally use a pound of sugar, butter, flour, and eggs.

Later on, cakes were measured by volume instead, and were widely known to be lighter, less rich, and less expensive than the traditional pound cake. “Cup cakes” actually revolutionized baking because many households treasure their measuring cups and measuring spoons!

Let’s all say a big thanks to our girl, Amelia, for giving us the gift of cupcakes that we all love and cherish! The Little Baker appreciates the hard work of the fist bakers, and we try our best to provide extensive choices varying from design, to flavor, to the basic-core ingredients (gluten-free). We always appreciate a new challenge and are willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy our cupcake-loving customers!


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Expanding the Product Line

The Little Baker is in the process of expanding her gluten free product line. Right now the only gluten free products available are a gluten free vanilla cupcake and a gluten free chocolate cupcake. However, there have been a ton of questions about gluten free cookies. Cookies are one of The Little Baker’s biggest products. She sells over 100 cookies a week doing it by herself out of her home. On top of these there is usually at least one order for a large cake per weekend too. So seeing as the Little Baker’s custom cookies are a huge seller, it would only make sense to expand this to include a gluten free version and be able to sell to a whole new market. The issue is that certain products don’t react well to gluten free flour. Gluten free flour has a tendency to make things crumbly and dry. With cakes this can be compensated for by adding more butter or sour cream to counteract the dryness of the gluten free flour because changing the consistency just a little, doesn’t have much of an affect. But for cutout cookies, if you had more liquid, now your dough is too wet and you can’t roll it out or it spreads when you bake it and loses it’s shape. But without the extra fat in the recipe the cookies will have a tendency to crumple or fall apart because of the dryness of the gluten free flour. So creating a happy medium is difficult. But based on the amount on inquiries for this product, the little baker is continuing to try to alter the recipe to achieve a good gluten free cookie that keeps the quality of the regular cookies and it will be coming soon.

Gluten Free #thestruggle

Have you ever considered what it would be like to completely cut out a vital ingredient in your favorite foods? Let’s say, for example, that you love Chicken Pot Pie, but you can’t actually include chicken in the meal… Okay, so maybe you can come up with a great substitute, right? Let’s just say, for instance, you try to use turkey as your substitute; however, your mission fails, as turkey is amongst the many things that you simply cannot eat due to health restrictions.
Maybe this example is a bite (I mean bit, cheesy right? Oh wait, that’s food too-dangit), a bit extreme, but what if you were forced to read the ingredients every time you went grocery shopping?! What if you constantly had to spend extra time in the kitchen just to suffice your basic needs- GOOD FOOD! What if you had to consider substitutes for countless-classic dishes that you just wanted to sit down and devour? What if you went out to dinner, but the menu suddenly shrunk from 15 options, to 5? What if you went to a friend’s house for a meal, but had to put in a special request in advance for your plate to even be edible? What if.. You were gluten-free?
I can’t relate personally, but I know it is a growing concern in today’s culture, and also for those who suffer from Celiac disease. The Little Baker came across a few laughable moments we would like to share with our GF fans and customers. We are constantly working to satisfy the needs of every customer, and we proudly offer many gluten-free options that taste equally as delicious as all our other products! Check out what BuzzFeed has to say about the GF struggle here!

P.S. Maybe GF has it’s benefits? Check out this link to see some other tasteful (I did it again) reasons to join the GF lifestyle! To all our awesome followers, please feel free to keep us updated on your thoughts, ideas, and feedback!